Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you provide therapy? 
  • ABA Therapy is proven effective in its natural setting, where behaviors occur. 
Will you provide therapy in schools, classrooms, or day programs?
  • Where permitted, we will work with you in schools, classrooms, or day programs.  We also work in your home with you or wherever help is needed in the community.
How is your therapy paid for?
  • We accept Florida MedWaiver/iBudget only for adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. (we do not accept Medicaid for children under 21, CDC+, or insurance) 
Do you require your staff to have background checks?
  • All of Littke & Associates' Behavior Analysts have current Level 2 FBI Background Checks, which consist of a Local Law Clearance and a National/International Clearance, to work in the human services field.
Are all of your Behavior Analysts Board Certified?
  • Yes. All Behavior Analysts with Littke & Associates are Board Certified through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.  This ensures that you will receive ethical and research-proven assistance, to address your behavioral needs.  For more information about the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, please visit:  
Are all of your Behavior Analysts Crisis Management Certified or have any other training?
  • Yes.  Every Behavior Analyst at Littke & Associates is certified in a professional crisis management course.  There are times when we work with clients who have severe aggression or self-injurious behavior.  To ensure professional and ethical assistance during times of crises, our Analysts are certified and able to assist clients and their circle of supports, during these times.  In addition, every Behavior Analyst at Littke & Associates is certified in Zero Tolerance and HIPAA-compliance.

How have you done in audits as a Provider?

  • In our most recent Delmarva Audits as a Medwaiver/Medicaid Provider, our agency scored  99.6% in 2015, 100% in 2014, and over 96% for the prior 3 years in a row.  Not only do we deliver quality service to you, but our administration is handled efficiently, effectively, and by a BCBA.
Do you have any references you can provide me with?
  • Sure.  With providing quality ABA Therapy and Behavior Support Services in the Tampa Bay Area since 2005, we have plenty of references we could share with you.


    Payment Options
    • Florida MedWaiver/iBudget with the Agency for Person's with Disabilities (APD)


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